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Why Listening to Our Bodies Instead of our Minds is the Ultimate Act of Self-Love

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A few years ago I had the privilege of seeing Darryl Anka/Bashar live (If you have not heard of Bashar, you can learn more about him here), and the biggest thing I took away from what he shared was how to use our own guidance system more effectively in order to continue the flow of creation and joy, and in the direction of our true heart's desires.

He spoke about how we all possess 3 different "minds" - The Higher Mind, The Head Mind, and The Heart Mind. We receive information from the Higher Mind, which sends a signal to the Heart Mind where we either feel a resonance for this information or not. This then sends a signal to our Head Mind, which is to be used as a computer system to take us in the direction with the least possible resistance towards what our Heart knows to be where we are meant to go.

I am definitely paraphrasing based upon my own understanding of this teaching, but what I continue to say to my clients coming from this information I received through Bashar, that resonated with my heart is that our heart is our compass. The mind is our map, NOT the other way around, which I believe we get can get easily stuck in - logic over heart decisions - trying to figure it out before knowing if it's actually the best direction. They are meant to work together as a team in this way, not compete with one another.

We use our body's resonance, the strong passion and emotion we feel through our heart's desires to then communicate with our minds that "This is what I want. Show me how to get it," and our minds then go on the mission of figuring out the best way to achieve it. This is the ideal way to live, as it allows us to keep the flow of creation, evolution, and movement forward without resistance.

This topic came up for me last week on Sunday, when I write my Self-Care Sunday blogs (like this one), and I had zero energy. This entire week has been a period when, for whatever reason, I needed more rest and to listen to my own internal guidance. I could not force myself to write when I didn't feel inspired or fully energized, and I needed more sleep - otherwise I would be attempting to operate on an empty tank, with no clear direction of what I wanted to create.

A huge aspect of my business is to promote self-care through acts of self-love, and not listening to what my body needed by skipping one Sunday of writing would NOT have been practicing what I preach, which I am extremely committed to! Not only that, but choosing to rest most of the day, go to bed early, and get enough sleep, I woke up the next day feeling POSITIVE, JOYFUL, MOTIVATED, and INSPIRED to get work done as well as thinking positive thoughts! I felt understood, heard, seen, and truly loved - by myself!

I knew it was the best decision for me, and my mind AND my body proved to be happy about it the next day. If I had chosen to push myself to write, which does take a lot of mental and emotional energy, I would not have been honoring my needs, which is actually neglect, not self-love. This is a small example of how allowing ourselves to be directed by what our heart knows is best by listening what our bodies need while honoring our energy levels create that feeling of safety, love, and care, but it can be applied to a lot of decisions we find ourselves battling over.

Remember that it is OKAY to say no to certain things in order to take care of ourselves first, even if it means missing work or a social engagement, or something else we are committed to, as long as we are doing it to SOURCE ourselves, and not to AVOID something!

Listen to your bodies when they are speaking to you, because this is how you will learn to best care for and love them in order to operate at your highest potential - give your mind a job rather than allowing it to have power over your decisions, and you'll realize that this makes your entire BEING as a whole happier, more productive, and sufficient!

Post this somewhere to remind yourself when you feel conflicted over a decision you just cannot seem to make - "The heart is our compass. The mind is our map." Then choose accordingly.

Sending you love!

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