• Bethany Evans

When All Else Fails, Trust Yourself

This week's Monday Meditation mantra comes from the Power of Surrender deck. Surrender is a difficult thing when you want to feel in control of how things play out for you. And this is somewhat true when you have mastered the art of self-awareness and the power of choice - however, we cannot predict EXACTLY how things will turn out, and that is fucking terrifying, ammiright? But really this fear is coming from a lack of trust in yourself that you have chosen the "right" direction. And this is actually coming from a place of wanting to be seen as "good" or doing things the "right" way by others - whatever is socially accepted within society. Shit. That program is still there (insert rolling eyes emoji here).

The message from this week's card is this: "Surrender to Trust - Trust yourself and your decisions. Don't be swayed by other people's strong opinions about what to do. Take action and be confident that you have chosen the right path."

Where are you still allowing the opinions of others to dictate which direction you take? Perhaps it's in who you choose to love (or not), where you choose to work (or not work), how you choose to express yourself (or not) around others, how you dress, who you remain friends with (or not), or where you shop, eat, hang out, live. What is the relationship you have to your own authentic choices and how others will react to them (or not)? And why do you care? Chances are you were conditioned at a young age to be "perfect" according to whomever you wanted to make happy. But now as an adult, are you still playing into this role, despite the fact that those around you aren't anymore?

For a lot of us, this was a very safe coping strategy. So safe, that we still play into it because we don't know any better, or because we don't want to feel uncomfortable. But if you were to actually get a bird's eye view of your life and see the decisions you're making, the stories you tell yourself, the judgements you make, the worries you think - do they line up with who you are authentically, or who you believe others want you to be? The answers may be mixed - you may still show up that way in certain situations and scenarios, and not so much anymore in others.

But the point is to actually look - take stock. Weigh up on the scale and see where the imbalance may be. And then when you pinpoint it - take action towards your AUTHENTIC, heart-centered truth in order to balance out your internal scale. Then trust. Trust that even if it was so fucking uncomfortable you wanted to puke, that you made the decision that was "right" for YOU! No matter what happens, it was meant to be that way because you are still learning. And at the end of the day, YOU will be left with YOUR decisions, not everyone else.

Are you really that much of a people pleaser that you would rather see someone else's happiness trump your own? If you answered yes, we need to talk. And you need to book a session with me IMMEDIATELY! If you answered "HELL NO!" and felt empowered, this is the reminder for you this week to not give in to those old programs and stories that tell you how you live your life really affects someone else that much that their well-being is more important than yours. Nope! Not today, not anymore, not ever again!

Bethany, out. *mic drop*

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