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Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Most Loving Motivator

This week's Monday Meditation topic looks at both sides of our inner voice - the shadow and the light. The real work comes when you learn to actually listen to and acknowledge your dark side as vital to your overall being. You do not want to attempt to suppress, avoid, deny, or banish it, because it serves a purpose in your life. Mastery will be learning to listen to it with curiosity, acknowledge what it has to say, and find the real meaning in what it is showing you about yourself.

If you struggle with very critical and judgmental thoughts towards yourself, it is time to look deeper at the words to see what is truly needing to be expressed. Are you able to love this voice as it is without asking for it to change? Can you see that this inner critic is wounded and is simply projecting that pain so that you may become aware of it and teach it how to love and be loved? Because that is exactly what is happening. This voice has power and you do not want to banish it. Instead, teach it how to be more uplifting and supportive. Give it new language.

Practice noticing the negative thoughts and choose to express the thought in a more positive way. The essence of an idea can always be expressed in two ways - positive and negative. Each concept has two sides of the same coin, and it is up to you to retrain your brain to see BOTH sides, and not just one. Because on the flip side, you do not want to ONLY see the positive, as that can also be denial of all that is. Denying either polarity would keep you from being fully ALIVE. One does not exist without the other for contrast.

So whichever side you tend to be on, practice flipping the script to see the other side as well. You can be both happy and sad at the same time. You can be both perfect and flawed all at once. None of it is right or wrong, it all just IS. But if thinking one way tends to bring you down or steal your peace, it might be time to practice new thoughtful habits. Your mental habits crave consistency, so do not give up on showing yourself that kindness and compassion when a critical thought comes in. Do not be afraid of them, as they are there to teach you more about yourself. They are teaching you how to truly love and care for yourself in a way that YOU need.

To start, practice this mantra to shift your thoughts when you hear that critical voice: I free myself from critical thoughts towards my body and my worth. (This mantra was taken from one of the oracle cards from The Moon Deck, which you can purchase here).

Then look at the actual words that you hear, and examine the energy behind them. Whose voice is this? Why am I being so harsh with myself? Which words will feel better that can get a similar message across? Chances are it is alerting you to something that needs to shift in your life, but doesn't have the tools to do so yet. Recognize this as the start to the clearing of something old in order to make way for something new. No need to fear it, as the other side of the coin to fear is excitement. Look at it as a transformation - an opportunity to reinvent yourself to become that version that makes you proud.

And remember that everything that is happening is perfect, despite the delivery of the message. Because you are everything - good and bad, right and wrong, perfect and flawed - in every moment. It's simply a matter of expanded awareness and connection to All That Is.

This week's quote and mantra were inspired by and taken from an oracle card from The Moon Deck by Aarona Ganesan and Andrea Keh - 44. Worth

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