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Surrendering to the Wisdom of Your Open Heart, Welcome Complete Healing

This week's theme is all about feeling, and as a result - healing. You have to feel it to heal it, as they say. If you've noticed yourself being guarded or closed off when it comes to matters of the heart recently, this week's energy will allow for you to fully open and surrender to the last bits of healing, completing a cycle you may have thought would never come to a close. Past relationships may be brought up through unexpected feelings, dreams or actual encounters with others in order to show you where you are still holding onto outdated beliefs about yourself, with an emphasis on receiving the actual lesson this matter was meant to teach you.

The Queen of Cups is the soft, nurturing, open-hearted archetype of the Tarot. She lives her life in flow with the tides of her emotions, and knows how to fill her own cup first in order to then give to others from the overflow she has created. Giving is receiving - they are one in the same. And the Queen of Cups is naturally receptive, therefore she is naturally giving. It is a constant state of ebb and flow, back and forth, an interconnected stream of reciprocity. This is the state of being that is needed in order to fully heal and live from an open heart. The energy this week is giving you a chance to embody this, receiving the wisdom of the lessons you are meant to learn and close the chapter on, and then from this place, to give to yourself and others the love and compassion that feeling allows you to tap into.

The Queen of Cups from the Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

The thing about feeling and healing though, is that you must feel ALL of it. Not just the love and compassion that is present, but the pain and sadness as well. This is generally when you will begin to reflect, become aware, and open your heart - when something doesn't feel good. You wonder, why am I feeling so terrible? What is happening in me? How can I find some kind of relief from the pain? Then you begin to process and attempt to make sense of the uncomfortable feelings, reaching for resolution in order to move past them. But the key is to allow them to move THROUGH you, not you moving past them, and this is one of the biggest lessons you will learn when it comes to painful matters of the heart.

If you can make it past the resistance, which often masquerades as anger, you will come to the core of the wound, which is sadness - heartbreak. This is why we are designed to be social creatures - to come into relationship with one another in order to break each other's hearts so we can feel, heal, and grow. Without intimate relationships, you would not be able to ascend spiritually or emotionally, and it's those who choose the path of FEELING and living from an open heart that are the most brave. Because they are willing to risk the chance that their hearts may be ripped wide open, only to be stitched back up and made stronger and wiser - always softening and gaining the capacity to hold more love each time. Do not be tempted to believe that protecting yourself from feeling is safer - you will miss out on the entire purpose we are meant to have here as Humans - the depth of feeling. For every extreme low you feel, it must be balanced out with an equal but opposite extreme high. That is the Law of Polarity.

Despite what you personally believe about Polarity, it does exist in the Universe. This is why we have Male and Female, Masculine and Feminine, Man and Woman, Yang and Yin - counterparts that provide opposite but equal balance. The Soulmate crystal, also known as The Twinflame, represents the complement to your Soul. It is two crystals who have fused and grown side by side. The presence of this crystal could mean there are ties that need to be cut with a past companion in order to heal from old heartbreak, so as to then call in your actual counterpart - the companion to your heart and Soul.

The Soulmate crystal card from the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall, pictured with a blue Spirit Quartz twin crystal

In the past, you have attracted soulmate relationships that were meant to teach you where you were yearning to be loved, but it was coming from a black hole you thought you needed to fill, NOT wholeness and self-love. This is okay, though, because EVERYONE experiences these lessons and types of relationships. It is simply a matter of being open enough to learn and grow from them once they end. Not until you come to the understanding that you do not need anyone else to complete you, because you are already whole, will you be able to come into union with your Twinflame counterpart who has also experienced these lessons and feels whole and complete on their own. "A twinflame means embracing deep intimacy and interdependency between yourself and another at the spiritual and physical levels."

Are you ready to break the pattern of co-dependency in your life and embrace this higher part of your soul? The energy this week is there, it will be up to YOU to CHOOSE to do so, however that looks for you. I am here for one-on-one readings and coaching for extra support. Book now, or send me an email to get started.

Sending you love and healing!

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