• Bethany Evans

Solidifying Your Abundance

This week calls for a sure-footed leap into stability. Wherever you have felt out of balance, lacking the confidence in all you are juggling, the energy is here to support you in stabilizing it. This New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th was quite intense. Perhaps it was showing you where you were not in balance in certain areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships, home, career, etc. Yet despite this imbalance, there was also an element of KNOWING that this was happening because you are about to come INTO balance, and that you already have an abundance of resources to support you at your disposal, or are about to discover them.

The King of Pentacles has shown up to represent this stable, grounded, intelligent, and successful aspect of you that is taking over. He does not worry over trivial matters when he knows that all he has built or is building will be completely and utterly secure and stable. Even if what he has built gets destroyed, he has no doubt he will be able to build it again, but even better the next time, because of his ability to learn his lessons and apply them in the physical world. Whatever he touches turns to gold. That is his motto and can be yours this week, too.

The King of Pentacles card from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts

Do not confuse this confident, self-assured energy with arrogance. While that may be the shadow side of this energy, the King of Pentacles is in his power and fully owning his strengths. And his strengths happen to lie in the physical manifestation of things. That does not take away from anyone else's success, nor does it make him better than anyone creating something similar. He also knows how to collaborate, and work alongside others. He understands teamwork, work ethic - working together to utilize each others' strengths. Not only does he recognize and own his strengths, he also recognizes and owns his weaknesses and does not allow them to stop him.

Instead, he pulls from his abundance of tools and resources, which can sometimes be other people, and puts them to good use. He is methodical, and chooses wisely. He is not impulsive, but instead truly thinks things through before deciding. That way he knows for certain what he's creating will be long-lasting and durable. If you are having trouble tapping into this energy for yourself, get yourself an Agate. These are banded chalcedony that comes in many forms and colors - an abundance to choose from. From elegant Blue Lace Agate to iridescent Fire Agate, there is one for whichever area you are struggling to bring that work-life into balance.

The Agate card from Crystals: The Stone Deck by Andrew Smart and Jason Wyche

The most helpful property of any Agate is re-connection to the physical world - getting back into your body. This will assist you in feeling solid and finding that solid ground for yourself, however it shows up for you personally. Whichever color Agate speaks to you most, choose that one and don't overthink it. Trust that you are being guided to the one that will help you most. The Agate is layered, just like the Earth. It will connect you to Mother Earth, nature, your own feeling of stability and security. Do this on a daily basis, also known as grounding, and you will feel more secure in what you are creating.

When meditating, with or without a crystal, remember to connect your own energy to both above and below. Ground it down into the Earth's center and up into the Light. This will assist you in whatever you are stabilizing in your life right now and for this year to come. To get a more personalized view at what is showing up in your life, book a reading with me here.

Until next time, I am sending you love and strength!

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