• Bethany Evans

Rising From the Ashes of Inner Destruction

This week's energy feels like walking around looking at the aftermath of a battlefield. Except it isn't on the outside, it's on the inside, and it's not LOOKING at the destruction, it's FEELING the emptiness after everything has been burnt away. But what's available in the silence will be clarity, truth, and illumination. The Ace of Swords for this week encompasses all of this. It represents the element of fire, the destruction that anger can cause when your pain has become oppositional, which then gives you the opportunity to banish these negative energies you may have been holding onto deep inside. And then from this place you can clearly see the path ahead to pursue this destination with all you've got!

The Ace of Swords card from the Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

But are you struggling with moving forward, or fully seeing the truth after what has been destroyed? Perhaps there's an element of blame, shame, and guilt for the anger that caused the fire to be spread. But it's too late to take it back now, and if it came out so forcefully, there had to be a purpose. Just as fire in nature plays a vital role in the necessary destruction of things unneeded or unwanted, anger plays a vital role in breaking down the layers of your emotional barriers and walls. It clears the blindspots and allows you the space to rebuild where there was once debris cluttering your inner world. Mother Nature makes no apologies when she knows it's time to destroy in order to make room and rebuild, and you don't need to either.

Sometimes you may not see the bigger purpose of what's happening amidst the messiness of emotional turmoil, but your Soul has that taken care of for you. Your Human body and brain follow the path the Soul has set out, and the Soul holds no opinions of whether or not something is good, bad, right, or wrong. There's the understanding that everything has a season and a reason, even destruction. And now that this destruction has made room for more clarity, the Trigonic Quartz crystal is available for you to access your Soul's code.

The Trigonic Quartz card from the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall, pictured with a clear quartz trigonic crystal

Trigonic Quartz crystals are said to hold the secrets of the Universe with the ability to rapidly expand your awareness of multi-dimensions. And what a perfect time to access your cosmic coding for the Soul, but after you have made the space by removing old emotional debris. There is a need to remind you that you are an eternal Spirit on a Human journey, and sometimes you may feel out of place on Earth because of it. Those uncomfortable feelings of shame and guilt can almost feel unbearable to those of you who are struggling with fully birthing your Soul here on Earth. But with a Trigonic crystal and meditation, you can trigger your Soul's full potential and purpose, while reintegrating fragments of your Soul to bring about that feeling of wholeness as a being of both Light and Earth.

Both the Ace of Swords and the Trigonic Quartz crystal are present this week to remind you to let go of old karmic conflicts, heal Soul traumas, and expel toxins from the physical and subtle bodies in order to download higher-frequency spiritual energies and integrate your light body. If you are feeling confused, guilted, afraid, doubtful, and like you are not sure how to let go of the past or move forward in your future, please contact me for a session.

Sometimes an outside source is needed to put something into perspective for you so that you can finally liberate yourself from whatever you've experienced and move on. I am sending you courage, love, and strength to rise from the ashes of whatever destruction has occurred within you!!

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