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Reclaim Your Power & Overcome Limiting Beliefs With These 4 Questions

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Sometimes circumstances in our lives trigger reactions within us that cause us to feel "stuck" in how to move forward. In coaching, I refer to this as the "either/or" context - the solution is EITHER this OR that, good OR bad, black OR white, positive OR negative, right OR wrong (you get the picture) - which is extremely limiting. This belief that there are ONLY two options provides zero room for possibility, empowered choice, or freedom.

The beautiful thing about becoming AWARE of our limiting beliefs from an objective perspective, is that we then have the power to shift it immediately, rather than reacting from that space. That is how these questions can be utilized - as a quick reflection practice in order to get "unstuck" and move forward without the suffering of feeling trapped in our own limited beliefs. It does take practice to reach a level of mastery in order to get to this space for immediate shift, but if you are dedicated to expanding your consciousness, I have no doubt you will get there quickly!

Whenever any situation arises that causes an intense reaction, get curious, stop and ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. Why am I thinking/feeling/reacting this way? - Questioning WHY you are thinking/feeling/reacting can immediately disarm the energy from becoming outwardly focused. It has NOTHING to do with the outside circumstances that seemingly "caused" the reaction, and EVERYTHING to do with your inner world.

2. What is this showing me about my current state of being and what I need? - Once you pull your focus back inward, you can identify if a need is not being met, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Often times, a reaction can be immediately shifted here with this question if we can intuit the answers easily.

3. What do I believe to be true (or not true) that is causing this intense reaction? - Once discovering which needs are not being met in this moment, we can ask ourselves what we believe about ourselves and/or others that keeps us from meeting these needs. For example, you may discover that you don't feel worthy of making a certain amount of money because wealthy people are greedy, evil, corrupt, etc. and that limiting belief keeps you from allowing yourself to receive the amount of money you actually want to make, and DESERVE to make by staying in dead end jobs with low pay.

4. What do I want to choose instead and replace with a more empowering belief? - After pin pointing this belief, you then have the power to replace it with something that makes more sense for YOU. You can tell everything about a belief that resonates most for you by how it makes you FEEL. If the new belief you wish to replace the limiting belief with doesn't make you feel like you can actually make progress and move forward in whatever area of your life you're stuck in, then play with it until it feels the most empowering and motivating!

The more you practice diving in to the thoughts and emotions you have, both big and small, and QUESTIONING what's actually happening below the surface, the more quickly you will be able to move out of "stuck" energy, lower vibrational thoughts and emotions, and see the possibilities that are actually available to you! And it all begins with the power of choice...

What will you choose today?

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