• Bethany Evans

Receptivity, Gratitude, and Expansion

This week's Monday Meditation Mantra is: "I am ready. Thank you."

Whatever you have been working on cultivating in your life, it is time to receive it. But first, you will be challenged to surrender and acknowledge sincere gratitude for all that has occurred up to this point, and all that you have NOW, in order to move forward (even if what you have now is not what you WANT now), because you always get what you need, not what you want. And when you do get EXACTLY what you want, it generally turns out to be something completely different than what you expected in your mind. The cycle of yearning and waiting only begets more yearning and more waiting. By stepping into the present moment with faith and gratitude, you become receptive and open. Anything is possible from this space.

Depression lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future. Peace lives in the present moment, and all is well in this moment. Worry is created when you are searching for answers that are not ready for you yet. Sadness is created when you yearn to bring back something from the past, but it has already gone. What gifts did it provide you that you can bring into the present moment instead of wishing to re-live something that wasn't meant to last forever? Instead of fearing what the future holds because it is unknown in this moment, how can you flip the coin and cultivate the excitement of the brand new experience you have been wanting?

Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, trust that the Universe always has your back and that as you have experienced many lows, it is your time to experience just as many highs. The season of winning and cashing in are upon us, but this won't be for every single person. It depends on where you are on your journey, the time and dedication you've put in, and how ready you actually are. Sometimes you feel ready, but you actually aren't. Sometimes you don't feel ready, but you actually are. The Universe exists in this type of paradoxical dimension. Who knows if we will ever master that understanding as Humans - this probably isn't the entire point of living here now. It's more about trusting that everything happens for a reason, and everything has it's season. All occurs in order for us to expand and evolve.

This week's mantra is taken from The Moon Deck card - 13 - EXPANSION. Here is the message:

"When we're finally ready to spread our wings and fly, feeling gratitude for all that guided us to this moment will help welcome more support for the next journey.

You're more ready than ever to take the leap and embrace expansion. You've worked hard to arrive here and are prepared to receive the ripe fruits of your efforts. Doors are opening with promising, well-timed opportunities.

Walk into this new chapter with immense gratitude - it will fill each moment with more joy and beauty. If uncomfortable sensations arise, know that this is a natural part of the process as you move into an evolved version of your self and your offering in the world. This is an auspicious and magnetic time, and you have guidance all around you. Be open and soar with all that you have."

Take this message with you into meditation and repeat: "I am ready. Thank you." No matter what is coming your way, know that it is meant for your highest good and is serving humanity at large. Do not focus on the actual WHAT is coming, but instead focus on the SPACE you are creating for it. If you have not created the space, take the time to do that this month, starting this week. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, clean out your closets for a clean slate this year. If you need support with doing this, you can book a session with me to get clarity on how to do that for you personally.

I am sending you so much love, healing, and strength! You got this.

Mantra taken from The Moon Deck by Aarona Ganesan and Andrea Keh

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