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Karmic Balance is Restored

This week feels like all is right in the world. After last week's subtle yet profound shift, it's bound to continue as long as you do not stray from your alignment. There's an element of trust, surrender, and absolute knowing that all will work out. The fears you used to hold onto, or that used to grab a hold of you, no longer have the power they once had. How fucking beautiful!

The Tarot card for this week is Justice. The card of balancing the scales of Karma. What is Karma? My own personal definition and understanding of it is a culmination of all of the lessons we need to learn through various experiences. However we chose to act, we then attract circumstances that match those intentions and vibrations in order to either clear it through difficult lessons, or accept blessings because of it. We clear certain Karma from past lives and from this life that we may have created, in order to restore balance to the Universe.

The Justice card from The Universal Waite Tarot Deck by Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith and recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts

Before we can fully move forward towards our life's purpose in alignment with our Higher Self, we must experience situations and relationships that are usually painful and difficult, many times knocking us on our ass, until we truly understand and integrate the lesson - clearing the Karma. Sometimes it takes people years and years before the lessons are learned, depending on free will (*cough* stubbornness *cough*) and also the amount of Karma that was acquired before incarnating in this life, or how much you racked up due to the free will choices you made early on in this life. I think that's sometimes why some people feel like they cannot catch a break - doesn't necessarily mean they attracted any of the negative or difficult experiences in this life, it means they are clearing things from past lives or their ancestral lineage, and they have no clue.

That feeling that being a good person in this life who cares for others, lives with integrity, honesty, loyalty, and love, despite how much shit happens "to them" is going to come to an end. The lessons have *finally* been learned, or at least, you've done the work here in this life to do it and the energy is in alignment for Karmic payouts, also known as blessings - things looking up! However great the struggle and pain while remaining humble, open, and aligned with love, the payout will be just as great in order to create the balance necessary. But, there is a smidge of fear around this happening. Whether you have become cynical because of all the shit you've been through, or you're just straight up afraid of the unknown because being down and out is mostly what you've known, your time is here. It is arriving, or has arrived, whether you believe it or not.

There have more likely than not been signs pointing to it, but have you been paying attention? This week you may get some not-so-subtle signs in your face to confirm what is coming towards you. Have you created the space for it? I sure hope so! Epidote is the crystal this week, and it can support you IMMENSELY in preparing for it. It is a prismatic, earthy-green, aluminum silicate mineral that represents the energy of you "get what you give" (hello, Karma), making good vibes even more potent. "But, be warned: if you bring Epidote into your world, be ready to bring it. If you're set on wallowing out, keep Epidote at a safe distance."

The Epidote card from Crystals: The Stone Deck by Andrew Smart and Jason Wyche

Those are some pretty powerful statements to make. But this is a very powerful test - fall back and repeat cycles you've already mastered, or put your big girl/big boy panties on and move forward as the highest version of your self? The amazing thing is, YOU get to choose! That's free will. So take Epidote's word for it and utilize it's powerful energy when you're looking to kick those bad habits, remove toxic relationships, or when you're feeling depressed. It will allow you to cast a spotlight on your weaknesses so you can work on them, NOT to beat yourself up over them! This is about empowerment and being honest with yourself - you may have learned some bad habits and been conditioned to be, say, think, and do certain things that may not be in your highest self's best interest.

What are you going to do about it? Evolve or repeat. You wouldn't be in this space without having already experienced what you needed to experience, and learned what you needed to learn, so what's stopping you now? Your own fear, that's all. Take that fear and turn it into excitement - the other side of the same coin. Become excited about not knowing what this new chapter and version of you will do or attract. Oh, the possibilities. That IS exciting!!!

If you need help shifting your perspective to see the other side of the coin, book a session with me today! And I am sending you so much love, courage, and faith!

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