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Gaining Trust in Your Intuitive Guidance

This week's energy is all about the relationship you have to your intuition, and how you are gaining the trust of your mind to be led by your body's guidance instead of your logical reasoning. Basically, telling your logic to take a back seat and enjoy the ride. This feels like ultimately surrendering to the journey, which is to be in your body and experience the range of sensations you were built to experience here on Earth. Yes, this even includes the uncomfortable feelings. You cannot deny or hide from the ENTIRE truth of the Universe any longer, which means whatever you have been avoiding will most likely be brought to the surface this week. All of the light and all of the dark, for both to be integrated and balanced within you.

The Knight of Cups represents the desire to take action towards what is emotionally fulfilling for you. This could represent an actual offer of love from someone or for someone, expressing your desire, your love, your passion for them or vice versa. He is the romantic Knight in Shining Armor who will sweep you off of your feet with a heart-felt, passionate love offering. Beyond this 3-D example, he represents that aspect deep within you that wants to be vulnerable and intimate with another, and actually take action by expressing this love and devotion to a special person. That one person you feel most connected to, who gives you all of the feels, no matter if it is uncomfortable or not, or if it makes sense or not.

The Knight of Cups from the Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

Perhaps you don't allow yourself to express your emotions this deeply and truthfully often. What are you afraid might happen if you do? This is where your light and shadow sides will meet - when you have the urge to open up and be vulnerable, and are met with all of the blocks, excuses, negativity, fear, and denial that is attempting to protect you from doing so. Something stops you from actually saying what you want to say, or saying anything at all. But perhaps the Knight of Cups this week is more about action without words, as Knights represent taking action in the Tarot.

Communication is the action of the mind. And as I have already picked up on, the body is in charge this week, NOT the mind. So what other action can you take that doesn't include using words? Actions speak louder than words, as they say, and sometimes we say things and then don't follow through because of our conditioning to please others by telling them what they want to hear. Then fear sets in and we freeze up when it comes to ACTUALLY taking the action we know we need to take. This sounds like a call to action for yourself to step up in your integrity - having your intentions, language, and actions in alignment. Where are you out of integrity with not following through in the areas of what you love most?

The Labradorite card from the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall, pictured with a green labradorite heart and a gray and blue labradorite pendant.

Labradorite is a highly protective crystal that raises your consciousness so that you can connect to the mystical dimensions. It strengthens your faith in yourself and aids your intuitive guidance. The way it is supporting the energy this week is in using your "mind" in a more expansive way. It connects you to your mind's eye, or your Third Eye Chakra, which governs your intuition and psychic abilities. These are the functions available to you when you expand your awareness beyond what your 3-D brain can imagine and comprehend. You can transcend the programs that keep you stuck in outdated beliefs and ways of thinking, which tend to keep you from listening to your body and it's wisdom, first and foremost.

On the flip side, this crystal can also assist you in not going towards the other extreme, which is confusing yourself with imaginings that aren't actually true, allowing you to hold that common sense along with the mystical element of higher consciousness. It's about learning how to balance and integrate both the higher dimensions and the physical 3-D world. Not allowing one to over power the other, but learning how they can work together in harmony. This is where the heart versus head battle comes from - one wanting to be in control without the other acknowledging that both are needed and both have a role to play. But have the roles been misinterpreted?

That is the lesson this week - to notice that you may have been operating from the matrix program of believing that our minds are more trustworthy than our emotions. In fact, I will bet this week shows you that how you FEEL in certain situations are showing you the truth of who you are and what you want. Specifically, it could represent a love relationship where you need to acknowledge these feelings for what they are and take action towards that person, before your mind can talk you out of it. How can you ACTUALLY show up instead of just TALKING about showing up?

This will be available to you if you are paying attention. Use the Labradorite for that inner knowing and guidance, and trust that how you feel is real and valid. What can you DO to fully experience and embody your passionate, romantic, whimsical self without giving too much of your energy away?

If you need guidance and assistance in creating new practices around this topic, book a session with me today!

I am sending you love and courage this week!!!

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