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Gaining Control over Your Subconscious Mind

Has your mind been spiraling lately? Like more so than usual? You may be experiencing backlash from the recent healthy changes you’ve been making to your life through your programmed mind basically going haywire and not knowing what to do with the changes. It’s like when you have a virus in your computer and you begin to deprogram and clean it out with protection software, doing all that you can to make sure it doesn’t come back again – it gets pissed. It doesn’t want to “die” or become obsolete. You no longer rely on listening to your mind to call the shots and tell you how you should feel, so it’s lost it’s power over you, yet is taking every last ditch effort to gain it back. But you aren’t falling for it anymore, are you?

Me neither. You’ve done so much inner reflection and work that you can see it for what it is now, and you’ve gained control over it’s influence on you. This is the Emperor in you, standing your ground, being a badass warrior King who takes the throne and doesn’t budge, for anyone. The Knight of Swords acts hastily, swiftly, and irrationally – that’s your programmed subconscious mind attempting to break your Emperor’s poise. Will you allow this to happen?

The Knight of Swords and the Emperor from the Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

I didn’t think so. You are cool, calm, and collected when this happens because you have taken your full power back, gotten to experience how it feels, and refuse to give it away again. Whatever you’ve been doing, it is working, and it may not be until now, this moment, this day, this week, or this month that you can finally acknowledge it and see the scale tipping the other direction for good. Take a moment to sink into this feeling of accomplishment because you deserve every second of this recognition.

This is one of the biggest lessons you will experience as a Human on Earth – mastery over your mind - not the other way around. The mind does not control you unless you allow it to, and it comes from the Ego’s false identity. But that’s not who you truly are, and you have finally come to realize and accept that. It isn’t safer to separate, or judge, or think negatively about yourself and others because that makes you feel like shit. It does feel good to love, and forgive, and feel compassion and joy – to live from an open heart, not a controlled mind.

If you find yourself grappling with control through this shift during the Full Moon on October 13th, Amethyst and Malachite can both assist you. Malachite is the stone that represents our subconscious mind and if used intentionally, can support you in revealing these deeply ingrained toxic, programmed beliefs that want to infect you. If this is something you have struggled with for some time, outside assistance could be needed through some sort of talk therapy in order to shine a bright light on what’s actually happening in there. What is the fear that is underlying this subconscious upset, and what needs to be healed? Do not be afraid to go deep into the depths of your mind because you cannot fully transform if you do not. Yes, it may be uncomfortable and possibly painful but it will only be temporary, and doing so will take away it’s power. You will regain this inner strength for yourself and be able to assist others in doing the same for themselves.

Malachite and Amethyst cards from The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall, with raw Malachite and Amethyst cluster

Amethyst is a powerful protector stone, providing inner peace and tranquility, calming the mind and balancing extremes. It is an excellent stone to support you with any addictions or obsessions you have with the theme of finding the right balance for you in your own life. If we let go of inner cravings, we experience inner freedom and a feeling of overall well-being. This stone combined with the Malachite can truly assist in defeating these self-defeating subconscious programs and bring hidden understanding to the causes of compulsive thoughts and behaviors. Spend some time meditating on this with both of these stones in hand – the Malachite in your left hand (the Feminine, receptive side), and the Amethyst in your right hand (the Masculine, protective side). Ask to be shown the specific thoughts and behaviors that are hindering your well-being and how you can shift these for good. Trust whatever answers you see, hear, or feel, and write them down.

Contact me for a session to get supported during this process, as it can sometimes be scary and overwhelming to do it alone!

However you do choose to tackle it though, know that YOU GOT THIS because you're reaching a level of mastery on your spiritual path!

Sending you love and power this week!

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