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Detoxification, Purification, and Transmutation

Welcome to 2020! Have you already felt the palpable shift in energy since the beginning of the year 4 days ago? If not yet, you definitely will be. The funny thing about energy shifts are that most of the time it is very subtle when it happens, and goes undetected until you're deep in the thick of the new energy and wondering how you got there. But if you get stuck in the how and why, you are probably missing the point.

The Tarot card energy for this week is Temperance - the Angel of Patience and Perseverance. This card symbolizes spiritual restraint. "Love and life are precious and fragile, and they must be handled with care. Temperance is the light hand, the gentle touch. It is the wisdom of reserve, the virtue of silence. It is the quintessential symbol of spiritual transmutation resulting from careful alchemy of heart and mind, carried out with moderation and precision." You may notice that the energy is lighter, or perhaps simply more peaceful - a feeling of contentment. Even despite what is happening on the outside around you, your inner world has become balanced and more observant.

The Temperance card from the Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis and Scott Murphy

You may find yourself reacting immediately from your emotions less and stepping back first in order to actually observe the situation in order to respond. The ultimate mastery of your heart and mind working together rather than one over powering the other. It may surprise you at first, as you never thought you'd get to this place. If you have been like me, it has been a dedicated practice for quite some time and felt like it would never become a habit. But deep healing of conditioned patterns take time and patience to shift in the complete opposite direction, especially if this is a familial pattern you're de-conditioning for your entire ancestry.

So celebrate this, celebrate yourself! What an accomplishment. It may not have felt like you expected - but that's how it goes. The shift is subtle, yet profound. And you can rest in this for now. That may be something else you notice - once you allow yourself to relax into this feeling of "I've done it," your physical body may need some attention. Deep spiritual and emotional work is no joke. It can take it's toll on your physical vessel because that's actually what is holding all of this energy in motion. So although you may have felt like you've accomplished what you set out to do (and you have), it is not quite time yet to jump forward into this brand new way of living quite yet. The physical dimension takes a bit more time to catch up with the energy dimensions, and this is what is happening now. Your body needs to catch up, so let it. Rest. Relax. Nurture your body.

The Bloodstone card from the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall, pictured with a tumbled bloodstone

The crystal to assist you this week is Bloodstone, the stone of perseverance and maintaining physical vitality. Literally, it supports nourishing your blood (the life force coursing through your veins), and revitalizing your entire body. It is no coincidence that I began the first day of my menstruation cycle for this month yesterday (bloodstone is also very good for regulating menstruation), and it was quite intense. More so than usual because my body absolutely needed to scream at me to sit the fuck down and rest. Like, don't even think about doing anything except relax your body. And if you don't, I am going to make you so uncomfortable that it is unbearable to move when you try. You know what I mean, right ladies? We've all been there.

And I have had these two cards ready to channel for 3 weeks since I took my holiday break from the online world. Talk about being aligned without even realizing it. And this may be a theme for you this year too - becoming more acutely aware of how things line up for your in your life that you are able to let go and surrender with faith that all is working out just as planned, in the timing it was meant to. So if you are not quite experiencing any of this yet, get yourself a bloodstone to support you this week. It will allow you to let go of the past, recognize toxic patterns subconsciously running your life, break away and be strong. It is time to acknowledge your mistakes and let inner disharmonies be transmuted. "Detoxification and chaos precede transmutation. Perseverance is needed. Locked doors open, obstacles are swept away, and romance blooms."

Allow your physical body to be supported by Mother Earth. Notice the symbolism and reflection that the patterns and cycles of nature plays in our own psyche and inner world. Yesterday, I had a simple yet profound realization while attempting to become comfortable in my physical body while experiencing some intense pain. I knew taking a bath would feel better and relax my body. As I sat in the warm water and my body completely relaxed, I understood water births. I understood why we say to put a cranky baby or child in water. I understood that sometimes our physical bodies become so filled to the brim with emotional "waters", that it physically hurts to keep them inside of us. Sometimes we need to be held by our emotions instead of us holding them.

In the Tarot, the suit of Cups represents the element of water, which symbolizes our emotions, because Mother Nature's bodies of water ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon. Just as our emotions ebb and flow, and constantly change yet cycle through us, coming and going and coming again. As I sat in the bathtub, I was being held by Mother Nature, by the representation of the emotions I was feeling on the inside that my physical body could not hold any longer on it's own. I was able to step out of myself and honor the support I was receiving when I could not physically support myself alone.

This may be a bit "out there" for some of you, and that's okay. The seed has been planted and one day you will be able to have your own realizations just like this - of the grander vision at large, the interconnected and reflective world we live in, and how it shows up in your every day life. And when you're ready to see it for yourself, I am here to support you.

Happy New Year, beautiful friends! Take care of your physical self this week.

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