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Believe in Triumph, and So It Shall Be

The energy this week is all about not giving in. What are you not giving in to? Whatever you know doesn't support your highest self. This does not mean denial by any means, but how to reach this state is by acknowledging that there are always two different pathways you can take - 1. The comfortable, familiar, old, and most likely "negative" direction, or 2. The uncomfortable, unfamiliar, new, and more likely "positive" direction. Or you can stay in the middle and not choose either, which is still a choice (denial).

This is how duality shows up in our world - giving us the opportunity to acknowledge both and then giving us the power to choose. The choice will be made based upon how much inner reflection and healing we have done, but even if we choose to go back into the comfortable direction, this does not mean we have failed or are doomed. It simply means we have more to learn before we can muster up the strength and courage to choose the unknown the next time. So look at your life this week, and notice what you are being presented. Where can you respond and react in a new way, as the highest version of you?

The Tarot card for this week is the Six of Wands - the victory card. A man rides in on his horse, feeling triumphant and victorious with the expectation of recognition as he strides through the crowd. There's an element of hope and faith that what he's headed towards brings with it the promise of reward. Even if he just went through battle and fought a tough fight, he is not allowing that to be his focus. He has made peace with it and is focusing now on the road ahead and the benefits that coming out on top bring with it.

The Six of Wands card from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts

Once you have learned the lessons from our past, you no longer need to linger there. Sometimes you may keep the connection to the past open through reliving memories because you are having trouble either fully understanding the lessons, or to keep a connection with someone or some situation alive in your mind. This is actually torture and a form of abuse on yourself, especially if what you are reliving constantly is making you feel heartbroken, depressed, and sad. Acceptance is what is needed here. Acknowledging what happened but not allowing it to have power over you or your life any longer.

Your energy is expended towards whatever YOU choose to focus on. So instead, choose to focus on your present moment and your future. Begin to believe in a happy ending to the chapter you're closing, or the new one you're beginning. The crystal for this week is Green Calcite, which is the "emo, honest-to-a-fault, believes-in-storybook-endings, tree-hugger of the calcite family." If you find yourself feeling lost in your thoughts of the past, still attempting to find some meaning behind what did or did not happen but you're driving yourself mad, sad, and crazy, get yourself a green calcite this week.

The Green Calcite card from Crystals: The Stone Deck by Andrew Smart and Jason Wyche

Place it against your chest during meditation and especially when you are "making important decisions regarding how you want to spend the finite, precious time you have on Earth," so that you can get out of your head and back into your heart. What is your heart telling you to do? More than likely, it is telling you to STOP reliving the past and move forward. It's time. Why are you torturing yourself? That's what the heart wants to know. And maybe that's a difficult question to answer and own up to because it requires you to take responsibility for the pain you're self-inflicting, but there is your lesson.

Take your power back and BELIEVE in your ability to move onward and upward. The victory comes not when you reach a specific destination, it happens during the time where you DECIDE in THIS MOMENT who you are and who you want to be. Speak your highest self into existence TODAY, and allow your heart to guide you there. It all begins and ends with a choice and then the path becomes clear.

To tap into this energy for yourself, book your personalized reading with me here. And get yourself a Green Calcite to listen more closely to your heart's desires.

Until tomorrow, I am sending you so much love!

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