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Attract Wealth through Energy Alignment, Choosing to Feel Abundant

This week's Monday Meditation topic is inspired by the lovely Goddess Lakshmi. She is the Hindu Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, and she has come through to remind you that wealth is an inside job. Aligning your vibration with that of abundance is always a choice, because our vibration is made up of the thoughts we think, the way we feel, and the actions we take, or choose not to take. And all of these things are in your power, even if your Victim Archetype wants to tell you otherwise, if your Saboteur Archetype wants to create chaos, if your Prostitute Archetype wants you to sell yourself short, or if your Child Archetype tells you that you're not capable of handling the responsibility of this power.

These 4 Archetypes are from the book Advanced Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss (which I have just completed and HIGHLY RECOMMEND), and in it Caroline does a fantastic job giving examples of how these Archetypes are present within all of us, what it looks like when they show up, and how to take your power back by recognizing them, accepting them as they are and that they will not go away, and acknowledging them for doing their job, which is to protect you from perceived harm. She teaches you the science of co-creation and your power of choice.

So how does all of this connect to this week's theme? If you haven't done so already, read my Weekly Tarot and Crystal Energy blog by clicking here, where I introduce the energy theme of the week, which is connecting to your inner riches. Lakshmi's message of abundance is not one that aligns with what society views as typical "wealth". Generally, when you think of wealth, you think of money - lots and lots of money. And that is absolutely true, in some cases, it can represent having a lot of money. But abundance is not limited to money or material gains - that's actually a side effect of first FEELING abundant. To become abundant on the outside, you must first feel abundant on the inside. The real question then becomes, "How do I make this happen?"

Lakshmi reminds you of the ultimate goal, which is not making money, but being able to know your true bliss. What makes you feel lit up like a glow stick when you're doing it? What work doesn't feel like work at all? Lakshmi is guiding you to find that vocation and focus on THAT first, before worrying about how you will make the money. And now I can feel the question coming, "But what do I when I NEED the money to survive? How do I NOT focus on the manifestation of the money?" This is where the voices of the 4 Archetypes come in, and where you can begin to notice who you tend to listen to most when making decisions.

The Child Archetype will most likely be afraid, and tell you to choose the safest options, not taking on too much responsibility. The Victim Archetype will cause you to feel down and like it will never be possible because you don't deserve to feel happy AND make money doing it. The Prostitute Archetype will tell you to stay in that unfulfilling, void of purpose job because it's stable income and you need it. Finally, the Saboteur Archetype will create negative stories and drama in your mind hoping you will react and take action from believing them, especially if you have already decided to try something new. This Archetype will be the one to yell the loudest to GET THE F*UCK OUT NOW!

If you've already been doing self-awareness work for a while, you can most likely identify with these voices and pin point when they speak to you. If so, this will be easier to accept and understand that you do not have to listen to these voices. Like I mentioned above, they are coming from a place of fear and self-protection. They want to be heard, and you can absolutely listen to them because they will always be there, but it is up to YOU, the conscious human observer, whether to take action from them or not. It is always a CHOICE. Maybe they do have something important to say that could help you make the best decision, as long as it is not coming from fear, but from taking full responsibility of this choice and the potential consequences it will have.

If you have to stay in that job for a little while longer until you can make your joy and bliss your full time career, that is a smart choice. BUT, you know it is not something you want longterm, and you have begun to tap into your inner wealth of gratitude, joy, love, and bliss in order to then make this your full time vibration and way of living. Once you have mastered tapping into this vibration of feeling abundant - which means being richly supplied - from the inside first by doing more of what already evokes these feelings in you, can you then begin to attract this on the outside - As within, so without, from the Law of Vibration to the Law of Attraction.

It definitely takes time, dedication, and effort to completely shift your vibration, but it IS possible and it doesn't have to be hard. There are already areas of your life where you feel most abundant, and so many more just waiting for you to try in order to continue to expand and grow this high vibration. So the question Lakshmi will leave you with for the week is, "When do I feel most abundant?" Answer this, and begin to align your every action with the work your soul wants to do. It doesn't matter how big or how small, as long as it is making you feel good. THAT is the key to manifestation - how you feel and what you choose every day in order to feel aligned or misaligned.

To dive deeper into this for you personally, book a session with me today here!

We will look closely at the shifts needed in your every day life in order to create lasting change.

Sending you bliss and love!

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