Meet Bethany

Bethany's skills and training allow her to open up a space of expanded awareness for you to tap into your own subconscious energies through her. She attunes herself to your unique frequency and provides you with the intuitive messages she receives about what best serves you. Her extraordinary gifts are interpreting and directing the

energy she feels.

Along with her sharp intuition, Pussy Wisdom, and Masculine container of support, her primary tools are Tarot Cards and Crystals. She uses her Clair-sentience (clear feeling), Clair-audience (clear hearing), and Clair-cognizance (clear knowing) with these tools to be guided in the direction of what needs attention in order to shift your perspective and assist you through any transition you're experiencing in your life.

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Mission, Vision & Core Values


The MISSION at Empowering Authenticity is to ignite Womxn's life force energy with reverence and moxie.

The VISION at Empowering Authenticity is to inspire all Womxn into their full power so that they can heal from the past and intentionally create their lives from authentic desire.

The CORE VALUES that drive Empowering Authenticity are:

  • COMPASSION ~ This is a deeper expression of love, for yourself and others. Coming to the awareness that everything and everyone is connected through the same source energy and stream of consciousness. You cannot love another without loving yourself. You cannot hurt another without hurting yourself. Empathy embodied.

  • INTEGRITY ~ When your intentions, language, and actions are aligned - that is being in Integrity. This requires radical responsibility and ownership in every area of your life including commitment to self, especially in establishing healthy priorities and a consistent well-being practice. 

  • TRANSPARENCY ~ Learning how to show up exactly as you are, in any given moment. Not wearing a mask or pretending you are feeling any other way than how you feel in the moment and practicing not being ashamed or apologizing for it. This is your permission to be completely vulnerable and know you are safely held in that state.

Bethany's Journey

Since 2008 my career and education background has been in Early Childhood Education, where I gained the knowledge and experience of how Human's come to be the way they are in relationships as adults. Every relationship pattern can be traced back to a time during childhood where we saw a model or were conditioned to think, act, or believe in a certain way. I was guided to this career in order to heal from my traumatic childhood and lack of acceptance for who I was.


In 2013 I conceived my son and this is when I became aware of how I was really living my life - the food I ate, the products I used, the relationships I had, the job I worked - and whether they were in alignment with what I truly desired for myself and my son.

This awareness led me to making drastic changes, some out of choice and some out of necessity, in order to reflect the life I wanted to live as a model for my child. I was led down a rabbit hole of information that eventually guided me here.


It wasn't clear until years later that my pussy was the guiding force behind all of these yearnings, desires, and urges that led me to make change after change. She had always been speaking to me, I just hadn't allowed her to lead until this phase of my life where I literally couldn't ignore her because she was about to birth my child.

 What I discovered was that my Feminine energy had been suppressed for years due to fear and lack of trust in myself and others. I learned how to hold space and be strong in my Masculine energy for those around me out of necessity, never realizing I was operating from an unhealed, wounded place of seeking love outside of myself through the validation of others. I never really knew how to love myself, who I really was, or how to access a feeling of safety and personal power without needing someone else to give it to me in some way.

In choosing to end a 10 year long relationship that was co-dependent, this opened up the healing process that led to so many ups, downs, losses, risks, tears, and pain. I was searching for answers when I found the rabbit hole of spiritual awakening and it was in the rabbit hole that I discovered my authentic desires through Tarot, crystals, meditation, Yoga, dance, pleasure, conscious community, personal transformation coaching, failed relationships, new friendships, and radical self love and acceptance.


I then started my business, Empowering Authenticity in 2018 to be a guide and of service to those reawakening their own Feminine energy, healing their inner child, and empowering themselves to create the lives they truly desire. 

I am dedicated to continuing my own healing and expansion so as to lead by example for those I am honored and privileged to work with. My favorite thing to do is assist in shifting someone else's perspective to create lasting transformation, and I believe whole-heartedly that this is exactly the job of the empowered, awakened, embodied Feminine energy at this time on Earth.


I also believe that this power is derived from our pussy - the sacred portal between Heaven and Earth. It is my mission now to reconnect strong, independent womxn who have hid this power for so long to their own pussy power of creation, pleasure, desire and magic!

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