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My Vision & Your Mission

The future VISION I have for you after working with me as a client is embodying authentic self-expression ~ allowing you to live in alignment with your own Source energy to powerfully create your life with purpose.

The life-long MISSION that will become available for you as my client is to become a leader by example, creating lasting transformation in your own life through self-empowerment and trust in your own internal guidance system while understanding how your past, your environment, your self-care habits, and the Laws of the Universe are at play.

The CORE VALUES that you will learn to cultivate as my client are:

  • COMMUNITY ~ Establishing your own Soul Family, a group of individuals whom you choose to trust and share with, support you, and co-create your life with in order to serve the greater good of humanity as a whole. 

  • COMPASSION ~ This is a deeper expression of love, for yourself and others. Coming to the awareness that everything and everyone is connected through the same source energy and stream of consciousness. You cannot love another without loving yourself. You cannot hurt another without hurting yourself. Empathy embodied.

  • INTEGRITY ~ When your intentions, language, and actions are aligned - that is being in Integrity. This requires radical responsibility and ownership in every area of your life including commitment to self, especially in establishing healthy priorities and a consistent well-being practice. 

  • PLAY ~ Seeing life as a playground to enjoy by creating opportunities to laugh and have fun, which I believe is your direct pathway to joy. The recognition of a need for BALANCE between doing and being - Masculine and Feminine, work and rest, and allowing these two polarities within yourself to integrate and feed off of each in order to THRIVE!

  • SAFE SPACE ~ Creating a container of support for your healing process where you can be honest, vulnerable, intimate, establish appropriate boundaries, and explore the depths of your inner world. This includes physical, emotional, and mental support. 

  • SPIRITUALITY ~ Acknowledging your connection to the Divine and trusting in the wisdom of a higher plan and purpose. Aligning with your unique journey and mission as a Soul's experience of living as a Human Being on Earth.

What You Can Expect

My job is to open up a space of expanded awareness for you to tap into your own SUBCONSCIOUS energies THROUGH me. I attune myself to your unique frequency and provide you with the intuitive hits I receive about where any adjustments need to be made. 


My primary tool is Tarot Cards as well as Crystals. These tools point me in the direction of what needs attention, love, and nurturing in order to heal from your past and propel you forward in your PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.

With dedicated effort and practice, you will completely transform your life by setting personal goals with a clear and practical plan while making healthier and more fulfilling choices along the way in order to acheive them. This is all in service of learning how to TRULY LOVE ALL OF YOURSELF, reclaiming your POWER and putting yourself back in driver's seat of the direction your life is meant to go!


It will begin with one powerful CHOICE - to confront all of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself that were developed as a result of trauma and conditioning -  and releasing these one by one in order to uncover and embody your TRUE authentic essence!


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You Will Learn the Metaphysical Approach

The philosophy of Metaphysics pertains to the nature of existence as a Human Being and the truths of the Universe. I will show you how you are a beautiful, unique expression of Source consciousness, and that you were born with gifts that add value to the collective growth and expansion of Humans on Earth. I resonate with the belief that we are not Human Beings having a Spiritual experience, but rather, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience, and I speak to you coming from this perspective.

I utilize my training as an Ontological Life Coach throughout all of my sessions. Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence as a Human Being. Through this approach, you will uncover specific patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and conditions that may be blocking you from reaching your highest potential. As my client, you will co-create attainable goals, projects, and practices to break up the old ways of being that are not in alignment with how you want to show up in the world. I listen and hold space, offer reflections, channel messages, and provide resources for your unique journey!

As an Energetically Sensitive Being, my gift is to tune into the energy and to create a safe space, offering a loving and expansive perspective of your situation during what I call your "awakening process". We will build a trusting partnership in order for you to become fully expressed, vulnerable, and honest while exploring your inner being through the broader, more holistic viewpoint of your Higher Self. I provide a real and direct communication style along with a lighthearted humor and playfulness, while always maintaining the love I came to this planet to spread! My passion is to empower and bring out the best in YOU. 

To see what others are saying about their experience working with me, explore the testimonials!