Awaken Your Mystical Side

When you're going through a transition, it can be confusing to know where to go for guidance. I teach you how to tap into your inner wisdom through Tarot. We work in partnership to answer your questions through the power of the cards. You'll leave our session with clarity and confidence in your next steps, having the freedom and power of knowing you are moving forward in the direction that's right for YOU!


Empower Your Mystical Side

Intuitive Coaching & Tarot Education

Crystal Energy Healing

Receive Clarity with Bethany

Every person has a mystical side who believes in magic and mystery. I can teach you how to turn the uncertainty in your life into knowledge and power by learning how to read the symbolism in the cards through your inner voice.


Tarot cards are often thought of as mysterious, and I want to teach you their true meaning. They are simply Universal tools that offer a new perspective. Once explained, you're left with clarity and inspiration to take new action, and a better understanding of yourself and the world.

Are you ready to empower your mystical side?


Distance Reiki

I offer distance energy healing using my intuitive guidance and knowledge of crystals.

The healing is designed for physical, emotional, & mental health including addictive behaviors and patterns.


Free Readings

I record Love+Relationship Readings for my YouTube channel where I tap into the energy of what's happening in your love life. I provide guidance on how to navigate and decipher the energy for each situation that comes through.




"Our job is not to get out of our own way;

Our job is to realize that we ARE our own way."

Matt Kahn

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